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Technical engineering, mechanical studies, products design, tools & machines design, productivity.

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Technical Engineering   Mechanical & Plastics Studies   Product & Tool Design

Technical engineering,mechanical & plastics Studies,product & tool Design

Gain productivity and increase your profitability by choosing our engineering services.

We work in mechanics, metal and plastics fields. In sectors as varied as automotive, construction, railway, heavy industry, packaging and piping.

Technical engineering,mechanical & plastics Studies,product & tool Design

Give us your product design, tools or special machines designs. We have an important know-how in mechanical and plastics design processing, including plastics injection process

Here are some of our achievements, we can take care of all or part of your projects, with scalable offers according to your needs.

Objective “zero rework”

All our services have a quality control check-up.

zero rework
quality control certified

we perform mechanical design with most various CAD softwares used in different industry sectors

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