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Do you want to improve your R & D productivity in Innovation, in Design ?

Do you need an extension of your design office?

Do you have a goal of reducing your development costs or just an one-time need for engineering resources ?

OCIELIS is your partner to help you achieve your objectives by offering quality services. We are able to provide you the services you need to increase your productivity.
Contact us, we will find together the solution adapted to your needs.

Low-Cost design office

Mechanical Engineering

Plastics Engineering


Lean Engineering – Green Design

Technical expertise 

Continuous improvement consulting 


Engineering innovation, products engineering, our know-how at the service of your productivity

Technical engineering, mechanical studies, products design, tools & machines design, productivity.

Our know-how in engineering

Technical Engineering   Mechanical & Plastics Studies   Product & Tool Design

Technical engineering,mechanical & plastics Studies,product & tool Design

Gain productivity and increase your profitability by choosing our engineering services.

We work in mechanics, metal and plastics fields. In sectors as varied as automotive, construction, railway, heavy industry, packaging and piping.

Technical engineering,mechanical & plastics Studies,product & tool Design

Give us your product design, tools or special machines designs. We have an important know-how in mechanical and plastics design processing, including plastics injection process

Objective "zero rework"

All our services have a quality control check-up.

zero rework
quality control certified

we perform mechanical design with most various CAD softwares used in different industry sectors

Our software skills


Technical expertise - Prototyping

We propose you to discover our expertise in mechanical product, plastics product, tools and machines designing

What we offer ? 

Mechanical design, plastic design, industrial performance

Project Management - Technical Expertise - Continuous Improvement Consulting

competency, technical knowledge
We are specialized in project management.

Management and rigorous monitoring of projects, with a "reporting" adapted to the needs of each customer.

Our strong experience in the industry allows us to provide you with quality technical expertise that fosters synergies between the various departments (studies / production / purchasing / logistics) in order to obtain the most successful products.
Mechanical design, plastic design, industrial performance
Mechanical design, plastic design, industrial performance

Prototyping allows to reduce the modifications during the manufacturing phase and thus contribute to the reduction of the costs of industrialization of your products. We have the ability to design prototypes to help you make the right engineering decisions

Our skills in Lean manufacturing ® and Lean Engineering ®, will enable us to bring you concrete solutions of gains and continuous improvement necessary for leading your engineering projects.
success, gain, productivity with Ocielis